One More Year

18 03 2014

I wrote this poem today, enjoy.

One More Year

I have a secret, it’s quite the whopper,
I make good money, but live a pauper,
When it comes to saving I’m never lazy,
Those who know may think I’m crazy.

I do not need to seek their blessing
Their demands are not that pressing
But when bored I may ask them over a beer,
How much would you pay for one more year?

One more year to run or fly,
One more year to laugh and cry,
One more year to make the most,
One more year with your kids close,

One more year to seek the truth,
One more year to live your youth,
One more year, perhaps, without a clue,
One more year, what’s it worth to you?


To me a year is worth more than a lot,
I would live a pauper without much thought,
A year at sixty I would surely treasure,
But a year at thirty brings greater pleasure.

I plan to retire by age thirty five
That’s thirty more years in which to thrive
Thirty years more youthful than normal,
Thirty years with no need to be formal,

Thirty years without a cube made of glass,
Thirty years without having to kiss any ass.
Retire early, young, in your prime,
A bit of hard work can buy you this time.

More time to take a nap by the pool,
More time to return to graduate school,
More time to sit and read,
More time to help those in need,

More time to enjoy a good cry
More time to climb to the sky
More time to build and create
More time to become very great

And so I work and save my cash,
to retire young and live off my stash,
I may have to scrimp and save today,
For thirty more years, that’s not much to pay.

Life Lessons From Rock Climbing 1

9 03 2014

I’ve recently had more time to rock climb and have been getting pretty good (V2/V3 bouldering level).  The more I learn the more I see lessons in rock climbing that can be applied in other aspects of my life and I wanted to share those with you.  The first lesson I’ve taken from rock climbing:

Abuse You Advantages

Don’t feel guilty that you have an advantage; instead, really milk the most you can get out of it and use it to move up 2x or 3x faster if possible.  My climbing buddy, Crafty, and I are both relatively tall, and when we first started climbing we felt like it was cheating to use our height to avoid more technical solutions and just power through.  After climbing a while I realized: that’s idiotic.  Instead, we shouldn’t waste time thinking about how a shorter climber would solve a problem and we should use our height advantage.  The result was less time wasted thinking and more time tackling more difficult climbs.

As a climbing example, I recently solved a V1 (beginner level, but usually only accessible after a few weeks of climbing) in which I was on my tippy toes and barely snagged the last hold with the tips of my fingers. If I was one centimeter shorter I would have had to come up with a different solution. Since I’m 5’10″, which is the average height for a male American, that means 50% of men and a lot more than 50% of women would need to find a different solution.  But what do I care, I solved it, on to the next challenge!

So how can we apply this lesson outside of rock climbing? The best example I could think of was job hunting. I got my job through an interview secured by my friend. I had been looking on job sites and such for about a year with a high GPA, work experience, and no luck; a few facebook messages later and I had an interview.  Two weeks later I had a job paying above average with bonuses for travel.  Some people may think it’s cheating, but who cares what they think? Be smart and abuse your advantages!

How much can you want?

21 12 2013

I am currently in Singapore on a job, which means lots of sitting around.  While sitting on a boat for 4 days one has plenty of time to get bored and think, so while on this trip I decided to make a list of everything that I want that can be bought with money.  I’m sure most people can come up with a hefty amount of things.  Before reading my list, try making your own, it’s fun!   I separated my list into sections, enjoy.

Things I plan to buy as soon as I return home:

  1. Work out t shirts (20) – I’ve been climbing more often and going through the 5 I have way too fast.
  2. Exercise pants for climbing when cold (20) – I’ve been freezing at the climbing gym lately.
  3. More benzoyl peroxide and facial cleanser for acne (100) – I am running low and like not having acne.
  4. Hair sun in (10) – haha, blast from the past, thought it might be fun.
  5. Throwing knives (30) – A fun random hobby that is also deadly.  I will probably buy these when I’m under budget some month (definitely not this month).

Things that I want but don’t plan to buy anytime soon:

  1. More cooking books/resources (estimate 200) – Four hour chef has a section on resources for immersing oneself in cooking, when I get a little further along I may want some of these resources.
  2. Books on investing (About 200 for ones I have saved) – Needed as one way to decrease time working for the man.  I already have a few to read, I will buy more as I finish the ones I have.
  3. Surfboard (200) – I live in San Diego, I need to have one of these!
  4. Cool clothes (???) – Probably the most expensive thing on this list.  It’s here because who doesn’t like to dress up and feel like the belle of the ball?
  5. A quality omega knockoff (250) – Just for fun, technically a part of cool clothes. Cool accessories I guess, haha.
  6. Blackberry 10 (300) – Because my work blackberry is just pathetic.
  7. Amazon wishlist (about 340, mostly books) – A santoku knife, high DEET bug repellent, and the rest are books.  I had a nice pair of gaming headphones on the list, but  I’ve been trying to give up gaming lately, so I think I’ll remove gaming headphones :)

Things which would be cool to have, but I have no intention of actually buying

  1. A motorcycle (3000) – By my projections, due to travel for work, I will put less than 7000 miles on my car per year.  Also my commute is only 15 minutes and a motorcycle wouldn’t help much.
  2. Cool stuff for my car (5000) – Would be cool to supercharge, have a nice ICE system, etc.  But heck, my car already gets me from A to B fast enough  and has a cool bluetooth system.  All I need is a better phone with voice navigation to come through my bluetooth.

Things that I want or might want in the future:

  1. A PUA coach or bootcamp (5000) – Duh
  2. Lumineyes (5000-10000) –  I look like the devil in photos, so blue eyes? Heck yeah!
  3. An FRS (no intention of buying) – A cool, fast, RWD car would be fun!  But I plan to drive my car for the next 10 years, from 10 to 20 years old, just like my last car
  4. A house/rental property/condo/duplex (500k) – If I ever decide to settle, it would be cool to have.  I want to buy a house on a corner with a large backyard that I can split into a separate property and build a tiny house on, would be awesome!

That’s everything on God’s green Earth that I can think of would be cool to buy and it’s only 12 items long, 16 if you count the four things I want in the future.  Everything on the first two lists can be had for $1800 (except for cool clothes), which is way less than I had anticipated when I started writing out the list.  It seems laughable that everything I can think to buy I could go out and purchase tomorrow without using any credit.  Of course, even if I went out and bought all these things tomorrow, I wouldn’t be truly happy.  Time to make a list of things I want in life that can’t be bought with money, look forward to it!

Talent is not a number

8 12 2013

Movies have it right, games have it wrong.  In a movie there’s always that one genius scientist/engineer/madman that does all the coolest stuff and knows everything, you know who I’m talking about.  They save the day with science, somehow program a virus in an alien language, and just in general act as deus ex machina with a few pieces of sciency sounding jargon thrown in.

But games (and most companies) treat scientists/engineers as a number.  I was just playing XCOM and the way the games works is that you need X scientists to research something or Y engineers to build something.  I’ll take 1 Albert Einstein over a hundred run of the mill scientists any day.  I could rant for awhile about this, but I think you get my drift.

Four Hour Chef

2 12 2013

Work has been crazy the past few months and I haven’t been in San Diego for more than 13 days since July.  Since it takes me about 7 days to get any energy after returning from abroad, this means I have had almost no productive time for the past 4 months.  Happily,  I am scheduled to be in San Diego for the foreseeable future!  I have made myself a daily schedule and a new list of goals (I’ll post about that within the week), one of which is to start going through and learning to cook from The 4 Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss.  I bought a lot of supplies a couple weeks ago, but finally started cooking yesterday and today.  I thought it would be fun to blog about my experiences as I learn, so let’s start with the first two recipes!

The first recipe was braised lamb, it turned out well, but was nothing spectacular.  It was definitely quick and easy, the hardest part was finding lamb in a grocery store instead of making  a trip to a butcher.

The second recipe was scrambled eggs.  I have previously made my scrambled eggs based on a youtube video by Gordon Ramsey and was very happy, but what the heck, why not try it a new way?  The eggs turned out great, I learned that refrigerated foods should be “tempered”, how to separate egg yolks from egg whites, and learned that if you cook eggs in grapeseed oil then you can add various flavor combinations to “taste the world”.  I’m still debating how to handle the extra egg whites, I am thinking either alternate scrambled eggs and omelettes, or just add cream instead of removing egg whites.

Sidenote: WholeFoods is AMAZING.  Built in bar, huge selection of premade food, awesome ingredients.  If I lived closer to one I would probably say forget cooking and just buy food there premade!