How can people afford new cars?

22 01 2013

Or rather, why do they spend so much money on a mode of transportation?  By my calculations, if I made 100,000$ a year, after my budget of roughly 2k per month, taxes, 6% 401k match, 5.5k into a Roth IRA, I could save about 30k per year.  That means to buy a decent car I would have to work for AN ENTIRE YEAR, making over double what most people make!  to buy a BMW 135i with some options, I’d have to work a year and a half.  A cool car is not worth a year of my life, especially not my young life when I should be living it up.

Is a cool car really worth a year of your life?  A year of college for your kid?  An entire year off work?



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22 01 2013

lol – they can’t. they go into debt for multiple years and help support the families of the car dealers. buy used, use public transportation, find someone to gift a car to you (good luck), purchase one for work purposes (tax deductable), or do what our neighbor Nathan did – build one from scratch.

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