Living in Poway

13 08 2012

Wow, I have been super lazy and not updated this in a long time!  I finally got a job, it didn’t take that long once I actually started to try.  It’s really my fault for relying too much on the hope of going back to my old company (near my house/friends/family).

I’m now 100 miles south in the city of Poway, and know exactly why I wanted the job in Irvine so bad!  Even though I’m relatively close and I have lived further for 5 years during undergrad, this feels different for a few reasons.  At Cal Poly I was surrounded by other college kids, most of them open to making friends, always with stuff to do.  Poway seems to be a city mostly of older people, I don’t know how many people around my age I’ll be able to meet.  But, I must try anyway.  I need a gym membership, I was originally planning to join just a normal gym like LA fitness, but I’m thinking now of maybe doing Crossfit, so I have the opportunity to meet more people.

I start work today, unfortunately not until 1 pm due to the fact that my boss and HR both needed to be available for me to start.  It’s the hottest week of the year so far, so I’m hanging out in Starbucks instead of at my place.

Any who, I hope to adjust quickly and see where life takes me.  I’m homesick and miss my friends, even though I don’t see them super frequently it just feels weird to know they aren’t just down the street.



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