The true cost of a cellphone

8 05 2014

18000$invested. 24000$ to be safe.  I just looked up the price of an iPhone plan on ATT and the cheapest one was 60$ a month. Ignoring upgrades to new phones, taxes, and fees, you would need 18,000$ invested returning 4% after inflation to pay for that invested (using the rule of 300, 24,000 is more conservative using the rule of 400).  After capital gains tax, taxes/fees on the plan, you’re probably looking at closer to 25,000$ invested to pay for that minimal cell phone plan (unlimited talk/text, lowest data at 300 MB).  I don’t know about you, but to save that much money for me would take at least a year of working.  Speaking for myself, a cool cell phone is not worth one year of 2o’s.


Just as a note, I write dollar signs after numbers, because we say in English “five dollars”, not “dollar five”, so why not write 5$ instead of $5? Logically we should write dates 20140508, it self organizes on computers and makes the most sense for comparing dates (comparing May 5th, 1776 to May 5th, 2014 shows the same first two numbers despite a large difference in date which is is worlds apart from comparing May 6th 2014 to May 5th, 2014, showing a one day difference in the sameyear). However, in the US we say “May 8th, 2014” which is why I believe we tend to write it in this manner. As an interesting side bar, many other countries write “8-5-2014” to indicate the 8th of May, 2014.  When signing documents I now tend to write the month by name to avoid confusion.



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