Hi, I’m Russell.  I grew up in Southern California with my parents and two (much) older brothers.  I went to JFK high school, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for my BSME, and UCI for my MSME.

In 2007 I found out I wouldn’t graduate from Cal Poly in 4 years due to a mistake in lining up classes on my part.  I was lucky to get a 6 month co op from January through June in 2008.  I stayed on through summer, and returned to school in September 2008, right around the time the stock market was taking a nose dive.  In 2 weeks I applied to grad school because I didn’t want to find a job in that economy, and ended up getting into UCI.  In September 2009 I started grad school and found it to be pretty easy. By early 2010 my friend turned me onto Stronglifts and I began working out (which I had never done before).  At the same time something sparked in me and I began reading everything I could get my hands on.  Starting with books like Four Hour Work Week and I Will Teach You To Be Rich, over the next year I read over 50 books, mostly about making money, health, exercise, and a few random books like Born to Run.

Over time I became interested in sharing some of the things I learned, so here I am.  I’m currently looking for a job, so I have plenty of time to maintain this blog. We’ll see what happens when I get a job.

Feel free to leave comments or email me at russell@russellnagami.com

Follow along with my workouts by checking out my google spreadsheet.

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22 02 2012

quickly browsed your blog, interesting thoughts. can you do a week long experiment that answers the question: What makes your gain weight faster, eating calories or drinking calories.

ie. If you drink 2000 calories a day of weight gain shakes a day no solid foods vs 2000 calories a day of only solid foods (chicken breast etc).


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