Self experiment completed on 4-11-12, 9 days before projected.  Final blog post can be found at: https://www.russellnagami.com/end-of-gomad-self-experiment/

Below is the status page for the GOMAD experiment:

GOMAD Experiment – Gallon of milk a day and hard lifting.

Date Started: 2-27-12

Projected End Date: 4-20-12

Initial Blog Post: https://www.russellnagami.com/self-experimentationdemonstration-gomad-muscle-gain-good-health-etc/

Goal: Reach 180 lbs

Expected results:  Increase in muscle and fat.  Cholesterol test 1 week after starting GOMAD to show average to healthy numbers.

Expected conclusions: Drinking a gallon of milk a day isn’t as unhealthy as one might think.  Intaking an extra 2000 calories a day (the daily recommended calories printed on nutritional facts) doesn’t lead to getting super fat.  Shows that the idea of “not wanting to work out to avoid getting bulky” is stupid (since I’m working my ass off and drinking a gallon of milk a day to put on 12 pounds and still won’t be that bulky).

Follow up: Lose 5 pounds of fat while keeping muscle


Workouts: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtSXSNbY2r9HdDY5aUdmekVjc19aZ2NjUFVyVVhxemc

Dates I did not finish a full gallon, every date after 2-26-12 that isn’t listed is a day I drank a full gallon of whole milk (First Street brand at Smart and Final):

  • 3-2-12, half gallon due to trip to SD
  • 3-3-12, half gallon due to trip to SD
  • 3-5-12, 1 glass short due to starting late in the day.  To be made up tomorrow.
  • 3-9-12 thru 3-11-12, 2 gallons in 3 days
  • 3-16-12 half gallon due to only being awake 8 hours
  • 3-18-12 half gallon
  • 4-5-12 half gallon
  • 4-9-12 thru 4-11-12 – half gallon for these three days

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