End of GOMAD self experiment

11 04 2012

Hi all.  This post is about me ending my GOMAD self experiment.  Yesterday I did my last madcow workout (finishing with a deadlift of 315 lbf and 130 lbf press.

Final Stats

  • Started 2-27-12, ending 4-10-12, total time 44 days
  • Total Gallons Consumed: 39
  • Total Gallons Missed: 5
  • Starting weight 168 pounds, final weight 180 pounds
  • Final lift maxes (1×5): Squat 250, Deadlift 315, Bench 180, Row 180, Press 130

I will now start to cut my fat and keep working out to maintain muscle/help cut fat.  I will continue working out 3x a week but with lighter weights (because these heavy weights are killing me).  I am going to add running because I want to be in shape (it has nothing to do with losing weight).  I may continue to drink milk to help maintain my muscle mass, but in far less quantity.

Follow Up

Video of me post GOMAD below (taken 4-6-12), as well as after I cut back down, which frankly should be much better.  I plan to get a lipid panel sometime soon.  I will have at least one more follow up post on this subject to detail how my cut goes.

Post Gomad:

For comparison, pre gomad video, 2-27-12



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