Intermittent Fasting

This page is to track slip ups with my intermittent fast.  I have ended this experiment, successfully dropping to around 170 pounds from 182 pounds starting.  Note that when I started, I was just finishing up a GOMAD bulk cycle, so the first 5 pounds would have come off easily anyway.

Original post:

Starting on 5-6-12

Slip ups:

5-7-12 ate chicken wings between 8 and 8:30 pm

5-18-12 through 5-20-12 MAJOR CHEATING.  Ate a lot of junk food, ate throughout the day, and drank lots of alcohol.  Due to helping my friend move 400 miles.

5-23-12 ate until about 8:40pm

5-27-12 ate some chips at midnight, new york cheddar kettle chips, irresistable.

5-30-12 ate an everything bagel with cream cheese at 10:30 AM

6-1-12 ate until 8:30pm

6-8-12 Drinks with friends, had some pizza, prob til midnight, woke up at 1pm

6-9-12 Drinks with friends, had some food around 1am

6-14-12Worked out from like 8:30pm to 10pm and got in n out/ate some veggies afterwards, between 10 and 11

6-16-12 Drank beer after 8pm and had Jack in the Box around 2:30 AM

6-17-12 Had lobster bisque and veggies around midnight

6-21-12 through 6-23-12 Lots of cheating

6-28-12 Ended Experiment

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