End of self experiment: intermittent fasting

7 07 2012

I actually stopped intermittent fasting around June 28th, but have been lazy about posting.  Basically even without fasting/diet, as long as I work out my weight/look stays the same, so for now I’m not really doing much.


IMF worked great!  I lost like 10 pounds in 2 months.  Keep in mind that is coming off of GOMAD.

Because of my lack of a sleep schedule, it was really difficult to maintain.

I seriously cannot believe anyone would deny themselves food, it’s a waking nightmare.  While on the schedule, it was not bad, but when I started adjusting hours/messing up some days, it was horrible.  Basically my stomach would hurt, growl, and I couldn’t think of anything but food.

Losing weight while eating mostly crap/fast food was possible.



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