Great calorie burning exercise

19 06 2012

Yesterday I ended up eating 2x as much as I should have for dinner (triple patty in n out burger, 2 pieces of bacon, bread and cheese, veggies, big slice of costco pizza), so I wanted to do a quick workout to burn some calories about thirty minutes afterwards to help manage the insulin spike.  I remembered this great workout to burn calories quickly: burpees.


  1. Start in pushup position
  2. Do a pushup
  3. When you return to pushup position, pop your legs forward between your hands so you’re in a crouched position
  4. Jump
  5. Land, absorbing the impact of the jump and returning to a crouch
  6. Pop your legs back so that you are in the pushup position again.  That’s 1 rep

You can do these to really stress your cardio-vascular system quickly.  I was winded after 10 reps!  Speed is important, as it is an explosive exercise.  Video below.



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