Scam of the day: Low anything food

9 06 2012

If you want to decrease fat, carbs, cholesterol, or anything in your diet, why not eat foods that are already low in it, instead of buying a more expensive frankenfood?

I have a hypothesis:  if they take something out, they have to put something else in, and I bet that it’s worse for you than whatever they took out.

I find low-fat to be a particularly clever scam, seeing as how I believe fat in your food isn’t the main contributor to obesity.  Just for a moment think, what if Atkins was right and sugar is the problem.  Low fat ice cream, but with just as much sugar means they’re taking out the delicious fat and leaving the insulin spiking sugar.

Side note: I just checked Dreyer’s website and noticed no “low fat” versions of their slow churned ice cream, interesting.



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