A cool way to remember numbers

9 05 2012

I’ve been reading the above book on mnemonics recently and one of the cooler tricks I learned is how to remember numbers.  The system has been around for a long time and you can read more about it for free at this link.

The system is simple.  Convert each number into a phonetic sound.  Add in vowels/unused sounds to make words.  Remember those words, potentially using another mnemonic device such as “linking.”  Done.

The phonetic to number guide is below, along with simple ways to remember each.

1 – t or d, a typewritten “t” or “d” has just 1 downstroke
2 – n, a typewritten “n” has 2 downstrokes
3 – m, a typewritten “m” has 3 downstrokes
4 – r, the number 4 ends in the letter “r”
5 – l, hold out your left hand palm-outward and thumb out at a 90 degree angle – the five fingers form an “L” shape
6 – j or sh or ch or soft g, a “J” looks like a backward 6
7 – k or hard c or hard g, a “K”  can be made from two back-to-back 7’s
8 – f or v, a lower-case, written f  looks like an 8
9 – p or b, looks like a backward “p” or an upside-down “b”
0 – z or soft c (buzzing), the word “zero” begins with the letter “z”

It’s almost the 35th anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, so let’s do the date that the first Star Wars movie was released: May 25th, 1977, or 5251977.  The sounds we get are L, N, L, T/D, P/B, K, K.  I turned it into: Lan lit up kick.  I’m sure there’s better words, but I’m new, cut me some slack!

I will no longer forget my friend’s gatecode: share fun.  6582!




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