A hypothesis about dieting and exercise

25 04 2012

My hypothesis

“The most important part of a diet is what you’re not eating.  There is no such thing as a “healthy food” which will cancel out crap food.  Exercising also does not cancel out crap food.”

The basic idea is that if you eat something good, it doesn’t mean you can also drink a soda.  If you go to the gym and jog for 15 minutes, it doesn’t mean you get to eat a candy bar.  Currently I have no real evidence except for observation, but it is something to consider if you are trying to lose weight and are unsuccessful.  If you really want to lose weight, go all out and drop all the crap.  If you need your crappy food fix, check out Tim Ferriss’s book Four Hour Body.  The diet is available for free on Gizmodo.

A little bit of evidence

People with celieac’s disease cannot eat something to “cancel out” gluten.  Gluten is crap for you, attacking your insides.  Eating a bowl of vegetables won’t cancel out that bowl of pasta.

Have you ever read about athletes having heart attacks?  I see at least one every 3 months.  All their exercise isn’t canceling out their crappy eating.  That or they’re on some form of drug, which is why this is a poor piece of evidence.





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