An update

22 02 2013

Just your basic run of the mill update


60% good, 40% bad.  Was eating healthy for a while (all last week), but when my trip got delayed I fell off the wagon.  I’m supposed to be travelling for work but right now, but due to delays typical of the oil industry, I’m on hold.  I don’t want to buy any food that will spoil so I’ve been eating out, which is sometimes good but mostly bad.


It’s amazing how fast my body improved in aesthetics from lazily cranking out some pull ups now and again.  I haven’t started going hardcore, but banging out some body weight exercises now and again to get the ball rolling and everything is looking good.   Will hopefully start sprints/jogging soon.  I am training as if I will enlist at the end of the year, with the goal of being able to get a perfect PFT.  That would be 20 dead hang pull ups, 100 crunches in 2 minutes, and a 3 miler in 18 minutes.  That’s going to be tough considering my PR in CC was 17:36 when I was training 5 to 6 times a week.


Things are looking great!  I got nearly 5000$ back from my taxes last year, and tomorrow they will be applied to close out 1 of my loans.  Sometime next month I will be able to pay off another, and be down to 20k in college loan debt at 6.8% interest.  After that I just need to pay less than 2600$/month and I will be debt free by the end of the year!  I spent a lot of this month due to vacationing with my cousins/brother in mammoth, but other than that been doing a great job meeting my reduced budget.  Full update to come in a week!


Being on hiatus for travel is amazingly frustrating, but other than that things are going great.  Currently I’m reading a lot, thinking of what to do with my life, and enjoying my time.  Currently one of my roommates is planning to move out and we have to find a replacement, but other than that things are perfect.


I’ve minimalized a bit more, and I’m loving it.  If I were to build storage under my bed I could fit everything I own in a room half the size  (10’x5′) or even less.  I still have some junk, but will likely toss it/donate it the next time I move.

Business plans

Been super lazy about generating business ideas or even playing with my Arduino, doh!  Constantly reading and learning about money though, so I don’t consider this a total bust.

Leaving Behind Media

Very hard to stop!  I always have the urge to surf the news, but so far have been resisting okay.  I occasionally gloss over facebook, but don’t read yahoo news, ocregister, lifehacker, or arstechnica anymore, wohoo!



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