Four Hour Chef

2 12 2013

Work has been crazy the past few months and I haven’t been in San Diego for more than 13 days since July.  Since it takes me about 7 days to get any energy after returning from abroad, this means I have had almost no productive time for the past 4 months.  Happily,  I am scheduled to be in San Diego for the foreseeable future!  I have made myself a daily schedule and a new list of goals (I’ll post about that within the week), one of which is to start going through and learning to cook from The 4 Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss.  I bought a lot of supplies a couple weeks ago, but finally started cooking yesterday and today.  I thought it would be fun to blog about my experiences as I learn, so let’s start with the first two recipes!

The first recipe was braised lamb, it turned out well, but was nothing spectacular.  It was definitely quick and easy, the hardest part was finding lamb in a grocery store instead of making  a trip to a butcher.

The second recipe was scrambled eggs.  I have previously made my scrambled eggs based on a youtube video by Gordon Ramsey and was very happy, but what the heck, why not try it a new way?  The eggs turned out great, I learned that refrigerated foods should be “tempered”, how to separate egg yolks from egg whites, and learned that if you cook eggs in grapeseed oil then you can add various flavor combinations to “taste the world”.  I’m still debating how to handle the extra egg whites, I am thinking either alternate scrambled eggs and omelettes, or just add cream instead of removing egg whites.

Sidenote: WholeFoods is AMAZING.  Built in bar, huge selection of premade food, awesome ingredients.  If I lived closer to one I would probably say forget cooking and just buy food there premade!

A neat kitchen trick in 10 seconds

9 01 2012

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