February Financial Breakdown

26 02 2013

Feb_financesFebruary was an interesting month!

Income:  Income listed is 4852$, about 1200 more than my salary!  4963$ Tax refund, mostly applied to close out one of my four loans at 4395$.

Expenses: Great month on my expenses!  I met my budget cuts with ease, mainly due to cooking and having bought pretty much everything I need for now.  I haven’t been able to buy the kitchen supplies I need to pursue Four Hour Chef, but that’s okay to push back.  Non monthly costs were 54$ to file my taxes and 811$ on vacation.  This was my first month having 500$ auto withdrawn for RIRA, boy is that hard to make back with travel!  Oh and I looked up my auto insurance cost, it was 535$ for the whole year, paid around August 1st, not a bad price at all.

Current loan debt 23,232$.

Current net worth -14,935.30$ (Note: I’m now excluding retirement savings from net worth)

Tomorrow I’m finally heading out on another travel job, so wohoo for more money!  One step closer to paying off my debt and eventual financial independence!

I feel great about my financial situation!  It’s tough to plan with such a sporadic travel schedule, but I’m ahead of the curve and shouldn’t have any trouble meeting my goal of paying off my debt by December 31st if things continue as they have been.

In other financial related news, my current roommate is moving out and I found a replacement who will stay at least 3 months!



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