Free Spatial Memory Game – Walk The Path

25 11 2016

I was trying to think of a game for my nephews that would be fun, free, and teach them something, so I came up with this. Essentially you lay out a path and give each player some tokens (rocks or coins or anything). A player puts on a blind fold, walks the path as best they can, and places a token at each corner. Scoring is done by measuring each token to the target X and summing all the measurements.

Rules for Walk The Path

  1. Setup: Lay out a game path, say about 10 feet in length total, but it’s completely scalable. Cement/flat surface would probably be best. You can lay out the lines with painter’s/masking tape or chalk. You can also just mark the X’s without drawing the lines.
    Each player gets several tokens, such as rocks or coins. They need enough to place one at each X along the game path.
    You will need some string or tape measure to count the scores.
    One player goes and is scored at a time, to avoid stepping on other player’s tokens.Below is an example grid:

    Example layout

    Example layout

  2. Round 1: Hard. Active Player stands at the start, gets a minute to look at the path.
  3. Active Player putsĀ on a blindfold.
  4. Active Player attempts to walk the path while blindfolded and places a token each X, to the best of their ability.
  5. Active Player removes blindfold after placing last token.
  6. To score the active player, measure the distance from each X to the token that was supposed to be placed on it. This can be done with measuring tape and summing measurements, or even easier would be with a piece of string.To use a string as the measurement, at the first X place the end of the string on the X and pinch the string where the token is. At the second X, place the string where you pinched it on the X and then pinch the string again where the token is. Continue for each X. After you have the total score, you can lay the string out along a wall and mark the score with an X and player name.
  7. Remove all tokens and then let the next player have a turn, following steps 2 to 6. Repeat until everyone has had a turn.
  8. Round 2: Easy. Repeat the game with one change: before each player starts their turn, they are allowed to pace out the path without a blindfold. This will give players a much better chance at doing well.
  9. Total score can be adjusted as you wish. Some examples: Only the first round counts, only the second round counts, total score is the sum of Round 1 and Round 2, etc.

Enjoy! Some variations:

  • Set up multiple paths and play like golf.
  • Play game while walking backwards.
  • Spin around 3 times at the start while blindfolded.
  • Go backwards and forwards on the path.
  • Lay out 2 identical paths and compete against someone for time and accuracy.



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