How much can you want?

21 12 2013

I am currently in Singapore on a job, which means lots of sitting around.  While sitting on a boat for 4 days one has plenty of time to get bored and think, so while on this trip I decided to make a list of everything that I want that can be bought with money.  I’m sure most people can come up with a hefty amount of things.  Before reading my list, try making your own, it’s fun!   I separated my list into sections, enjoy.

Things I plan to buy as soon as I return home:

  1. Work out t shirts (20) – I’ve been climbing more often and going through the 5 I have way too fast.
  2. Exercise pants for climbing when cold (20) – I’ve been freezing at the climbing gym lately.
  3. More benzoyl peroxide and facial cleanser for acne (100) – I am running low and like not having acne.
  4. Hair sun in (10) – haha, blast from the past, thought it might be fun.
  5. Throwing knives (30) – A fun random hobby that is also deadly.  I will probably buy these when I’m under budget some month (definitely not this month).

Things that I want but don’t plan to buy anytime soon:

  1. More cooking books/resources (estimate 200) – Four hour chef has a section on resources for immersing oneself in cooking, when I get a little further along I may want some of these resources.
  2. Books on investing (About 200 for ones I have saved) – Needed as one way to decrease time working for the man.  I already have a few to read, I will buy more as I finish the ones I have.
  3. Surfboard (200) – I live in San Diego, I need to have one of these!
  4. Cool clothes (???) – Probably the most expensive thing on this list.  It’s here because who doesn’t like to dress up and feel like the belle of the ball?
  5. A quality omega knockoff (250) – Just for fun, technically a part of cool clothes. Cool accessories I guess, haha.
  6. Blackberry 10 (300) – Because my work blackberry is just pathetic.
  7. Amazon wishlist (about 340, mostly books) – A santoku knife, high DEET bug repellent, and the rest are books.  I had a nice pair of gaming headphones on the list, but  I’ve been trying to give up gaming lately, so I think I’ll remove gaming headphones 🙂

Things which would be cool to have, but I have no intention of actually buying

  1. A motorcycle (3000) – By my projections, due to travel for work, I will put less than 7000 miles on my car per year.  Also my commute is only 15 minutes and a motorcycle wouldn’t help much.
  2. Cool stuff for my car (5000) – Would be cool to supercharge, have a nice ICE system, etc.  But heck, my car already gets me from A to B fast enough  and has a cool bluetooth system.  All I need is a better phone with voice navigation to come through my bluetooth.

Things that I want or might want in the future:

  1. A PUA coach or bootcamp (5000) – Duh
  2. Lumineyes (5000-10000) –  I look like the devil in photos, so blue eyes? Heck yeah!
  3. An FRS (no intention of buying) – A cool, fast, RWD car would be fun!  But I plan to drive my car for the next 10 years, from 10 to 20 years old, just like my last car
  4. A house/rental property/condo/duplex (500k) – If I ever decide to settle, it would be cool to have.  I want to buy a house on a corner with a large backyard that I can split into a separate property and build a tiny house on, would be awesome!

That’s everything on God’s green Earth that I can think of would be cool to buy and it’s only 12 items long, 16 if you count the four things I want in the future.  Everything on the first two lists can be had for $1800 (except for cool clothes), which is way less than I had anticipated when I started writing out the list.  It seems laughable that everything I can think to buy I could go out and purchase tomorrow without using any credit.  Of course, even if I went out and bought all these things tomorrow, I wouldn’t be truly happy.  Time to make a list of things I want in life that can’t be bought with money, look forward to it!



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