How to be a dick at the grocery store

7 01 2013
  1. Walk in the center of a parking lane
  2. Check out in self check out (limit 15 items) with over 30 items and who knows how many coupons, crumpled of course so they won’t scan
  3. Wear a suit indicating you have a decent job, proceed to pay in self check out line with quarters.  But don’t bother paying attention, stare at #2 while pulling 3 or 4 quarters out of your back pocket at a time and lazily try to get quarters in the slot.  When out of quarters pull out your nice leather wallet and use bills.
  4. Take 5 minutes to look up jalapeno in the self service line because you’re A too dumb to read a number off the sticker or B too dumb to use the search feature.  All while listening to your ipod.

Took me 10 minutes to buy some chicken for dinner.  Come on people, what happened to common courtesy?



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