I envy those with religion

3 02 2013

Why are you on this planet?

Religious person: God put me here for a reason, if i work hard and am a good person, I will go to heaven and be happy for eternity.  Every pain and problem that presents itself to me is just a challenge from God, and he always gives me more options.
Me: Fuck if I know.

The person who wrestles with their humanity and reason for being here is bound to be more conflicted and confused than the person who blindly follows a god, a preacher, or dictator.

So blind faith would appear to be a good thing.  And hell, when you’re dead even if you just stop existing and were completely wrong about your religion, it’s not like you know you were wrong (unless another religion was right and you’re rotting in its hell).  So it’s win win, you believe in your religion and are happier because of it, and when you die you either go to heaven or you no longer exist.

The only real trouble is that blind faith can be used and turned into war, suicide bombings, and voting republican.



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