If you didn’t have to work, what would you do?

10 06 2014

The most common question I get when I tell people I want to “retire” young (aka be financially independent, which is having enough money that I can live without working) is, wow, what would you do?

I find it sad that most people can’t think of a life without work. That being said, it’s not like i have a plan, all I really need to know is I don’t want to be stuck in an office (or anywhere else) answering to someone else. So I decided to make a list of some things I could do, here it is:

  1. Sail around the world

  2. Master a skill (this is definitely it’s own list)

  3. Try to get on TV

  4. Go back to school and start another career for fun

  5. Volunteer

  6. Be a nanny for my family that have kids

  7. Help friends with odds and ends

  8. Buy and/or finance a food truck

  9. Write a book

  10. Spend a lot more time with family and friends

  11. Work a menial job for exercise and some fun money

  12. Become a teacher (Community college probably)

  13. Be a total couch potato

  14. Become a chef

  15. Become a life coach

  16. Make more money and donate it

  17. Become a researcher

  18. Catalog my family tree and maybe record some stories from each family member

  19. Learn to hunt

  20. Learn to live off the land

  21. Mine for gold

  22. Study the art of pickup

  23. Become a snowboard instructor

  24. Develop apps

  25. Become an executive assistant to someone awesome

  26. Learn to brew beer

  27. Learn to cook ramen in Japan

  28. Learn another language

  29. Enter politics

  30. Bike across the country

  31. Learn the art of the sword

  32. Become a pilot

  33. Learn to wingsuit

  34. Wake up at noon everyday

  35. Become a personal trainer

  36. Workout hardcore and be able to do feats of strength (like a 1 arm pullup)

Alright, that was tough! I can probably think of more but it’s about time for me to go to sleep. What’s interesting is a lot of these can be accomplished now and that most are about who I am, not buying things (but I already knew I’m that type of person).



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