One More Year

18 03 2014

I wrote this poem today, enjoy.

One More Year

I have a secret, it’s quite the whopper,
I make good money, but live a pauper,
When it comes to saving I’m never lazy,
Those who know may think I’m crazy.

I do not need to seek their blessing
Their demands are not that pressing
But when bored I may ask them over a beer,
How much would you pay for one more year?

One more year to run or fly,
One more year to laugh and cry,
One more year to make the most,
One more year with your kids close,

One more year to seek the truth,
One more year to live your youth,
One more year, perhaps, without a clue,
One more year, what’s it worth to you?


To me a year is worth more than a lot,
I would live a pauper without much thought,
A year at sixty I would surely treasure,
But a year at thirty brings greater pleasure.

I plan to retire by age thirty five
That’s thirty more years in which to thrive
Thirty years more youthful than normal,
Thirty years with no need to be formal,

Thirty years without a cube made of glass,
Thirty years without having to kiss any ass.
Retire early, young, in your prime,
A bit of hard work can buy you this time.

More time to take a nap by the pool,
More time to return to graduate school,
More time to sit and read,
More time to help those in need,

More time to enjoy a good cry
More time to climb to the sky
More time to build and create
More time to become very great

And so I work and save my cash,
to retire young and live off my stash,
I may have to scrimp and save today,
For thirty more years, that’s not much to pay.



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