Self Experimentation: Productivity

22 02 2012

Lately I’ve been super lazy.  Waiting for something to happen.  Unfortunately, this is not a good way to get things done.  The other day Lifehacker had an interesting post on Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity method called “Don’t Break The Chain”.  The basic idea is to have a calendar with a clear goal and a minimum that must be done daily to reach that goal.  Every day that you complete the minimum step towards the goal, you put a big x across that date on the calendar.  The goal is to not break the chain of X’s on your calendar.

My calendars

The article suggests having 3 goals to start, but since I’m unemployed and have some easy goals, I have 5 for now.  I have listed them below with their minimum daily steps:

  1. Study programming and Java: read for 30 minutes
  2. Apply to jobs: apply to 1 job
  3. Blog: write or revise 1 article, work on the layout, or create 1 photo for later use
  4. Stretch: do 3 stretches from Pavel’s relax into stretch
  5. Clear my desk: clear my desk once a day

The article recommends taking sick days and vacation days so I’ll have an allowance for those, roughly 21 days per year is what I’m thinking for now.  For the programming goal I will only work on it during the week, while the other goals will be 7 days a week.

Updates to come monthly.



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