Switching Workouts

12 03 2012

I am switching my workouts from Stronglifts 5×5 to Madcow, check out my google doc to follow along.

Stronglifts 5×5 is a beginner program in which you add weight every time you go to the gym.  As you can imagine, this eventually becomes too much and your body can’t keep up.  I’m just about at this point.  From here you go to an intermediate program which you add weight every week instead of every workout.  I am going to be doing Madcow, an intermediate program recommended by Stronglifts.

I did Madcow last year starting on April 18th, 2011 and, as you can see below, my current weight/strength is at about the same level.  I also did GOMAD back then, so basically I’m just re-doing the same thing I did a year ago.  I could probably squeeze out a few more workouts of linear gains, but mentally it’s really hard, so I’m switching to Madcow now.

Madcow Spreadsheet 2011

If my weight follows the same growth pattern as it did last year, I will reach 180 pounds in a mere 5 weeks.  Depending on if I get a job or not, I may push my weight higher or stop there.  After reaching my goal weight, I want to experiment with other workouts.



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