Self Experimentation: Smiling More

20 02 2012

Whoops, was supposed to post yesterday but got lazy.  But Sunday is here and it’s better late than never.

For the past month or so I’ve been trying to improve myself in a simple way: smiling more.  Last year I tried half-heartedly and didn’t get any results, but this past month I went at it full steam with a simple method:  ABS, always be smiling.  Anytime I catch myself not smiling, whether eating with a friend or sitting at my computer, I force myself to smile.

My current uneven smile

A note about my uneven smile: I have a funny fold in my skin on the left side, but ladies remember, symmetrical men tend to cheat more.

It was tough at first since I’m not really a smiler.  Most of the time I have what I intend to be a neutral look, but I’ve been told it can be somewhat offputting.  But despite being tough at first, over the past few weeks it’s become easier and easier to smile and I find myself having to force a smile less and less.  In the past, I would feel awkward smiling for no reason, but now it’s a bit more natural.  I hope to eventually be a master at it and come off as a warm person, but one step at a time.  For now I’m happy to say that when someone glances at me I can quickly throw them a smile, or at least a smirk, and not come off as some creepy guy staring at them (I hope).

My next blog post is going to just be a video of my workout.  Look forward to it!