Get an Alpha Site

20 03 2012

The Walking Dead spoiler alert.

I was pissed off while watching the latest episode of “The Walking Dead”.  They get overrun by zombies and had ZERO plans.  I mean, you have to figure that living, nay surviving, a few months into a freaking zombie apocalypse indicates they have some brains, but no.  They are overrun, they have no escape plan, they have no defenses, they have no place to meet up if they get separated.  Defenses take time to set up (I think they should have obtained a backhoe and dug a dry moat, since zombies can’t climb), but how long does it take to say to each other, let’s escape through this path if we are overrun and meet up 2 miles down this road?  About 5 seconds.

Anyway, the foolishness of “The Walking Dead” aside, I was reminded of a great idea from Stargate which I wanted to share: the Alpha site.  The Alpha site is a secondary base that’s separate from one’s main base.  It serves many purposes:

  • If you are tracked, you will not reveal your main base, but instead your secondary base.
  • If you suspect you have been infected with something, you can go into quarantine in your secondary base.
  • If your main base is taken out or in some way disabled, you have the infrastructure already installed at your Alpha site to take over command.
  • A place to send refugees.

Such a thing is probably not necessary in everyday life, unless you’re the POTUS, but we can learn a few lessons from the idea.

  • Typically, you don’t want to sell stuff out of your house on craigslist.  Saying something like, “buy my huge TV!  You just have to pick it up at 123 Fake Street!” makes you a huge target.
  • If you feel you are being followed or stalked, don’t go home, go to a neutral location (ie a friends house or perhaps Denny’s).
  • Have copies of your important documents somewhere that isn’t your house.  A safety deposit box, a safe at a family member’s house, etc.  Some extra cash never hurt anyone either.  You probably don’t have to go as far as having a weapons cache a la Burn Notice.
  • Have a designated spot to meet up with family in the event of a disaster that destroys your home.  Also a good idea to pick such a spot while on a trip, snowboarding, etc.