Three month challenge

23 01 2013

Decided to give myself a three month challenge.  I’ve put on a healthy gut, I’d estimate 15% to 18% body fat on my stomach, certainly not much but enough to have me annoyed.  The main reason behind this gut is travel for work. Can’t commit to my normal work out, difficult to eat slow carb on travel, and I’m too lazy to cook when I actually am at home.  So I think this will be quite the interesting challenge, since so many people complain about not enough time, money, etc to getting in shape/healthy.

My challenge:

  • Return to about a 12% BF ratio.  But ultimately, just look be in good physical shape which shows (anyone want to judge? lol), no need for a six pack.  Giving myself until May 1st.
  • Workout with no weights of any kind.  I will be doing convict conditioning along with other things I’ve learned on my own.  Only tools will be a baseball, basketball, pull up bar, and chairs (or my workout bench).  Oh, and I’ll probably do sprints and burpees as well.
  • I will record time spent working out and keep it to a minimum.  This type of workout is very good for doing while watching TV or doing other tasks at home.
  • A simple diet anyone could adopt, which is pretty cheap.  Will have to iron this out over the weekend, but it will be slow carb
  • Do this all while traveling sporadically for work.

Some advantages I already have are:

  • I don’t have any strong cravings for food/have done slow carb before
  • I am already in reasonably good shape (I estimate my max deadlift to be about 280 pounds and max overhead press about 125 right now)
  • I already know what to expect.  This is a powerful advantage.

Because of these advantages, if you wanted to replicate results you should expect to take a full year, not just nine months.  Dedicate 3 months to diet alone, 3 months to working up to a decent workout routine, and give yourself an extra 3 months to execute.  I’m going for just 3 months straight of execution.

I will track my workouts here:

I will post a general idea of what I’ve been eating here on my blog periodically.

Of course there will be a million people who say this is too easy, or that I have an awesome metabolism, or a million other things.  But this is a challenge for myself, so who cares what they think?




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