Tip for a long lasting phone

15 04 2012

I’ve had my original Droid from Verizon for 2 years 9 months, well over the two year contract.  It works PERFECTLY!  I use no screen protector and no case.  I can’t tell you how to not break your phone, but there is only one tip you need to keep your phone running like a champ:  when your battery starts dying too fast or acting erratically, go on Ebay and buy a new battery (probably for under 15$).  I’ve attached a photo below, you can see it’s a little dinged up around the edges, but other than that, it’s tip top.  Every month I don’t upgrade it I’m saving on the cost of a new phone.  Also, on April 22nd  they will be charging an upgrade fee, even for free phones.

On a separate note, I plan to get a “dumb phone” in the future, so I don’t have to pay 40$ for unlimited data that I never use.



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