Trip to Canada

16 12 2012

Whoops, new years resolution failed, totally stopped writing in this!  I will try to continue posting, we shall see.

So over the past weekend I was in Canada for my job.  Just wanted to briefly share what happened.  I’m guessing I can’t share details, but basically I showed up at the job in Montreal, discovered within 2 hours that I couldn’t do my job due to other issues, and then organized with the powers that be my flight home.  I learned a valuable lesson:  Always check my itinerary!  The original (incorrect btw) plan was for me to fly back from Detroit (the customer was planning to drop me off in Toronto), but since I was leaving early and still in Montreal I would obviously fly back from Montreal.  I forgot to mention this explicitly and forgot to check my itinerary, so I got to Montreal’s airport and discovered there was no flight for me lol.  So I ended up coming back today (Sunday) instead.  With a flight at 0730…. which is 0430 in Pacific Standard Time.  I basically got no sleep, totally sucked, but made it back!



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