Why I donate blood

11 08 2013

Yes, donating blood is a “good thing to do”, help your fellow man, blah blah blah. But that isn’t what motivates me to actually take time and go donate blood. What does is this story 20 years into my future:

I am driving along and a car smashes into me. Nothing serious but enoguh that I need a blood transfusion. Or maybe something happens and I need major surgery, definitely requiring a blood transfusuion.

At this point, I am praying that some mid 20’s asshole whose biggest problem is budgeting for alcohol and student loan payments will take time out of his day to donate blood to save my life. It costs him nothing but 2 hours once every 2 months, except maybe 2 lost days in the gym and no drinking for a few nights. My life hangs in his hands.

But right now, he is me. So I am paying it forward. I alternate my days rock climbing and doing heavy work outs, and donating prevents maybe 2 days of exercise. I can’t get a tattoo. I lose 2 hours every other month. All worth it because I know some day in the future I’ll be screaming in an ER and hoping the next guy down the line is donating. What’s your excuse?



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