Why you should buy a top end radar detector

29 03 2012

Random, short post of the day.  Have you ever got a speeding ticket?  How much was it, and did it affect your insurance premium?

Radar detectors can go a long way to preventing speeding tickets.  Make sure you never get a cheap radar detector because they suck at detecting, they can make other people’s radar detectors go off, and are generally a waste of money.  Instead, get a high end radar detector such as a Beltronics RX65 or a Valentine One.  These high end radar detectors run about 200-500 dollars, about the same as a speeding ticket on the freeway, or so I’ve heard, I’ve never gotten one.  In other words, buying and using a radar detector will pay for itself if it saves you just once.  Mine broke after about 5 years and  definitely saved me at least 4 times, but probably a lot more times that I didn’t really notice.

Some other benefits:

  • Take it with you on road trips with your friends/family.
  • Save yourself time having to get pulled over to be issued a ticket.

The only real downside is that it makes noise in your car.  After a week you’ll get used to it, but other people might get annoyed when they ride in your car.

Note: check your state laws regarding radar detectors before purchasing/using one.



2 responses

29 03 2012

Why not just slow down?

29 03 2012

Ah, a valid tactic, but in southern California, unlikely 🙂

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