Wilderness survival is for the wilderness

3 08 2014

A common misconception among tough guys seems to be that if the world ends, they think they will be able to live off the land near a populated area.

Dead wrong. Emphasis on the word dead.

In the LA/OC area there are about 13 million people. If the SHTF, they will all be looking for food and water, it will be a blood bath of competition. There’s no way the land can support even 1/10th of the amount of people who will be displaced.

The amount of food stored in LA/OC without trucks/trains/planes constantly rolling in is about five days worth, according to Collapse. Assuming half ┬áthe people are wiped out and none of the food is damaged, that’s 10 days. Say you can ration about 50% and we add in food not normally counted in the food supply (emergency stored food etc), and maybe the remaining population would last a month. Maybe.

Best strategy for a regional disaster? Get out of the region! But whatever you do, definitely don’t assume you can use wilderness survival skills to last very long when there are millions of people roaming the countryside.



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