A Scary Thought

29 12 2012

A well known phrase popped in my head just now.


Live Deliberately


Think about your life like this: everything you do is a choice.  Whether pursuing your dreams or vegging out in front of the TV.  This scares me because it forces me to take responsibility for my time wasting.  It is easy to blame time sucks or just point out that time just seems to disappear.  But to live deliberately means that when I waste time, I am choosing to do so, over improving myself or doing something productive.

I now choose to live deliberately.

This doesn’t mean I won’t waste time (I’d go insane most likely), but that I must acknowledge when I am wasting time and that it is my choice, and that it serves the purpose of helping me to unwind.  But, it should not take more time than is necessary to serve its purpose.



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