Happy 2013 and a debt update

2 01 2013

Happy New Year!  Finally, the year and the month can no  longer be confused (19 years until the year and the day can’t be).

I was in Louisiana on work travel from 12-19-12 to 12-27-12, then was up in orange county with my family for the rest of the holidays, finally back in San Diego!  Super excited to have a chance to settle back in, but I’m hoping to head right back out on travel, to pay off all those college loans, haha.

I finally feel like my finances are settled.  Got my real credit card finally (AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest), and can start racking up miles.  I’m mostly set up as outlined by Ramit Sethi (http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2009/03/26/the-psychology-of-automation-building-a-bulletproof-personal-finance-system/), just working on paying down my college loans, then I will be free to do whatever I want in life (working on figuring out what it is I want to do).  I need to set up retirement accounts (well, mainly the 401k for match, put 0% starting to quickly build an emergency fund), but other than that everything is set up nicely.  Time to grind it out at work and focus on improving myself in other ways.

In other news, my primary goal for now is to read through Four Hour Chef.  I want to focus for a bit on learning to learn, but I need to do some thinking on what to apply it to.  The only way I am likely to learn it, is to apply it, an interesting thought since I’m trying to learn to learn.

Minor goals include sticking to my budget (1600 of 2000 last month, yay), continuing to improve at work, sticking to my habit building schedule, continuing to socialize, working out when at home/small workouts while on travel, and perhaps minimalizing a bit more.

My tagline for 2013: Live Deliberately.



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2 01 2013

I like your 2013 tagline. It’s a good’un

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