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15 01 2013

Tomorrow, my friend Creative and I are going to stand by the 15 freeway entrance at Scripps Poway Parkway with signs to smile and wave at people 🙂  Cheers,





**Update 1-16-13

Everything went awesomely!  Thanks to my buddy Creative for coming out!

A lot of people think the world is topsy turvy.  Crime, shootings, and other negatives are almost always the top 90% of news stories.  But nothing stops you from making the world a better place, even just standing 30 minutes on a center divider with a sign and a smile.




Oh yeah, and we got two tweets! haha:

To the guys in the median with the #SmileMore signs omw to work- Thanks.

Saw some guys on the corner Omw to work w/signs that said You’re awesome. Smile more. Worked for me. #smilemore #youreawesome#imawesome



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15 01 2013

That’s awesome. I hope no one throws anything at you.

16 01 2013


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